Smarter. Thinner. Kinder. Richer. Really, aren’t all our New Year’s resolutions designed to turn us into a new and improved version of ourselves?

I am about halfway through a memoir by Diane Von Furstenberg, the wrap dress designer I have a little bit of a girl crush on. She seems so glamorous, so sensual, so full of life! Her book is called, “The Woman I Wanted to Be,” and it seems like the lesson is to just become who you want to be, no excuses. Well, with apologies to my girl crush, it helps when you’ve been born into and later married into fabulous wealth and fame. Sure, the wrap dress became an iconic fashion statement, but would anyone have paid attention to the simple little jersey dress if it had been presented by Betty Lou Who from New Jersey instead of a princess with raven curls?

The new year brings lots of thoughts of “the woman I wanted to be” because, like so many, I always feel woefully short of who that woman should be. What is the point of resolutions when life just keeps getting in the way of the best intentions?

But maybe I can manage one resolution.

The gift of faith and forgiveness. Faith in myself that I’m not going to settle into the incurious Sloth Woman I fear is just beneath the surface, even if I don’t prod her with resolutions and self-loathing. And forgiveness when my best doesn’t quite get me to the woman I want to be. Forgiveness for simply being the woman I am.

NY Resolutions