The Disease of Being Female


For the price of a Starbucks a day, you too can help end this deadly disease that strikes half of our population.

What is it? Is it cancer? AIDS?

No. The disease is….menopause.

Bet you didn’t know that was a disease. I sure didn’t, but I was standing in line at Barnes and Noble waiting for a book to be signed and there, in the disease section, were all the books on menopause.

Somehow – and I could be wrong – I don’t think a woman shelved those books. They were right next to the books on infertility. So, apparently, the inability to bear children, even if, good God, you’re too old for all that and good riddance…it’s all something that has to be fixed.

I have read stories about the primitive superstitions about women and fertility and have felt comforted and slightly smug that I live in a place where we are so much more advanced.

And then I saw the books on menopause.

It really made me think about we haven’t come as far as I thought in this country. We still marginalize the “female,” we just do it in a chirpy, marketing way.

Have your period? Buy a clever, stylish container that hides away your tampons so no one knows! Nursing your child? Drape yourself with a concealing poncho – or better yet, pump in privacy somewhere and give your child a bottle!

And, menopause? It can be Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, that’s for sure. Nothing easy about it some days, so it definitely leaves one at dis-ease.

But, a disease? Come on! I think the only thing that needs a cure is the silly attitude that menopause is right up there with cancer, AIDS and diabetes.

Menopause the Disease

Yep, they really categorized menopause as a disease.