No Ugly Sweaters


We got the inevitable holiday invitation…did we want to come to an ugly sweater party?


Nope. Nope, we do not.


My husband’s reasons are his own, but mine have to do with the fact that I’m tired of ugly as funny. An ugly sweater just tells the world you are so cool that you wear ugly in an ironic fashion, as opposed to those poor clueless people who wear reindeer-emblazoned knit without irony. I’m not amused; in fact, I’m a little appalled that, in a country where some can’t even afford any sweater, we think it funny to buy one just to make fun of.


In fact, I’m kind of tired of all the ugly.


The shouting on talk radio that pretends to be funny instead of just coarse and mean-spirited. The smarmy sorry/not sorry attitude of the entitled. The ugly politicians riding high in the polls for their hateful rhetoric. And, on a larger scale, the ugly that leads someone to take a gun to anyone who is different from the shooter.


It’s all ugly for its own sake.


Contrast that with the ugly Grinch (and, yes, I watched it yet again this year). The Grinch is a truly terrible creature – oh, that poor dog! But, by the end, the Grinch understands that love conquers ugly.


So, no ugly sweaters for me. There’s enough ugly around already.


Ugly sweater

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