Thanksgiving. It’s the cornucopia of holidays, when the tables groan with turkey and ham and getting dopey from overeating is almost a tradition. It’s my favorite holiday because it celebrates abundance.


Abundance is a hard concept.


I’ll admit something personal here, it’s the word I most often meditate on. Because, like so many of us, my scared inner child is afraid there won’t be enough. Enough food, enough money, enough time, enough love.


I worry that the retirement funds won’t last if I live too long.


As an only child, feeding more than three is unfamiliar, and I worry at every single dinner party that I won’t have made enough food for everyone, so I compensate by making enough for the dinner party plus a week of leftovers.


I find myself worrying about whether there will be enough time when my daughter visits me – it’s true there’s never enough, but worrying steals the pleasure from the moments we do have.


Fear of want is what creates hoarders. Because if they don’t save that plastic container, there may come a time when they need it and there is no plastic container.


It’s that same fear that makes us want to close our borders to hordes of immigrants. Long before terrorism became the thing to fear, we feared the hordes of immigrants. Easy to understand, isn’t it? I mean, one mouse is cute. Hordes is a horror movie. Hordes of anything is a horror movie, fitting right into that fear that there won’t be enough for us. If so many of “them” move in and take it all, how will we get our share?


Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. Seems simple, right?


But abundance suggests that you can take as much as you want, secure in the knowledge that there is enough to go around, and around again. Abundance is all you need and then some. Abundance unclenches your grasping fists.


The things I worry about are fluid. Time and love can be endless or limited, depending on how I spend them. The commodity is not the issue; my perception of it is. Relaxing into the concept that there will be enough, there will always be enough, is the ultimate luxury.


And so…I wish you a Thanksgiving of abundance.



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