We are all so protective of our space. Step into a crowded arena or a packed bus, and we do a quickstep dance to avoid unintentional contact with our loud, smelly fellow humans.

But what if that contact with strangers led not to hand-to-hand combat, but hand-in-hand embrace?

A photographer in New York recently took intimate portraits of complete strangers touching as if they knew each other. In fact, he had them pose as if they loved one another.

A funny thing happened during the photo shoots. People who had never met one another, once they wrapped arms or put heads on shoulders, suddenly…cared. After the awkward eye-rolling and uncomfortable grins, the portrait subjects settled into the pose and said the contact felt nice, they felt kindly toward their fellow posers.

Take the 2 minutes and check out the video. I’m not advocating uninvited groping among strangers but maybe, just maybe, an empathetic touch here or there could build connections. And would that be such a bad thing?


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