I used to read books by and about heroines.

Anne Frank. Nien Cheng. Women who survived horrible torture and privations of war with the kind of spirit that just kept pushing up like a crocus through the snow.

And I wondered…would I show the same kind of tempered steel fortitude if I were thrust into the same circumstances?

Well, I have had a couple of weeks of really annoying life problems. A sick dog who almost died and now needs a period of intense babying, which she is taking as her royal due. Mysterious leg cramps that kept me up all night (WebMD urges me to eat a banana). Too much scheduled into too little time. And a muse who is balking at showing herself during this overscheduled time.

All what they call #FirstWorldProblems. The kind that would make my religious aunt tell me how blessed I am. The kind that would make my best friend tell me to put on my big girl pants. The kind that make me realize – I’m no Anne Frank. Some days I feel more like Frankenstein. I think I blunder on through like the big monster more than I survive by any courage.

So, I wonder…what are the First World Problems that bring you to your knees?



2 thoughts on “#FirstWorldProblems

  1. Let address those leg cramps first! The same thing started happening to me, and I know I get plenty of potassium. Here is what worked for me. Magnesium oil and you can get it at Whole Foods:) Changed my life and I promise it will yours too. Not so much with the sick dog or your muse. Come to think of it, Magnesium oil won’t help much with over-scheduling either. But maybe if we can fix those leg cramps, the rest will fade and you can go back to believing that there is a little Anne Frank in all of us.

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