Chickening Out


Most of my friends would call me adventurous. I have flown an airplane (once), taken a trapeze lesson (once), jumped off a 35-foot pole (harnessed, but still…).

The reality is I do about 10 brave things and then I do one completely chickenshit thing that makes me question the first 10. This is about a recent chickenshit night.

I had signed up for an (expensive) night in my new town featuring a celebrity chef, food, drinks. I love to cook, and this might just allow me to meet some fellow foodies.

The time came to leave and… I just couldn’t make myself go.

Every day since moving to my new city has been an adventure – finding a place that sells my brand of makeup, finding the kind of turkey I want for Thanksgiving, figuring out how to combine my morning walk to Starbucks with a dogwalk when Starbucks won’t let the dogs in (it involves cajoling strangers to take a slip of paper with my written order along with my gold Starbucks card inside with them…it’s a lot to do pre-caffeinated). The new adventures include walking nearly everywhere because I can and because, really, there is no parking in Charleston that doesn’t involve parallel parking our new car on a narrow street. It has been a joy, honestly.

Except on this night, when I would have killed for a friend to go with me to this event, killed for a big suburban parking garage, killed to know just what one should wear to this kind of event. Just killed for the comfort of the familiar.

And so I bailed. I watched bad television, ate breakfast for dinner, drank a bit too much. Completely hid out.

Because sometimes, the littlest things seem to take the most courage. Ever been in that position? Come on, tell me I’m not the only one who sometimes chickens out.

Haven't we all been chicken?

Haven’t we all been chicken?

4 thoughts on “Chickening Out

  1. Ugh that is so familiar! I do it all too often and I’m kind of glad to know someone else out bails on things as well. I am really trying to overcome it — but it’s a hard habit to break.

  2. jacqueline mitternight

    Yes I understand fully, I been jumping off 80 ft cliffs into a body of water called a quarry, but terrified of interstates and semi’s, have missed out on numerous trips because I chicken out, always looking for adventure but I stick to the backroads, makes for a long journey

  3. Lisa

    We all have those “can’t quite bring myself to do it” moments. New is scary even to the brave (you are certainly brave) and sometimes sitting at home with bad tv is good therapy.

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